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AMA-AKEP: Memorandum of Cooperation is Signed

On 03.11.2021, the Audiovisual Media Authority and the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to ensure and provide operational, technical, and legal support in the areas of mutual interest.

The Chairperson of the Audiovisual Media Authority, Ms. Armela Krasniqi, stated that this Memorandum expresses the mutual willingness to discuss and address all issues faced by the two institutions. Ms. Krasniqi considered the moment critical, as the Memorandum of Cooperation is also one of the recommendations of the Parliament of the RoA to the Authority.

Mr. Tomi Frashëri, Chairperson of the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, emphasized the significance of the Memorandum and cooperation in the mutual areas of best public interest.

Through this Memorandum, the institutions undertake to cooperate in carrying out the Memorandum and implement it in the best and most efficient way and ensure the best completion of its purpose.

The two institutions will also cooperate to:

  • release the 700 MHz band (also known as DD2) by AMA and take over the band by AKEP, complying with the deadlines set by the EU and ITU;
  • establish a TASK-FORCE composed of mutual representatives from both institutions, aiming to combat illegality in non-copyright broadcasting through electronic communications networks and conduct the activity only by entities licensed/authorized by the regulatory authorities;
  • create a mutual group to regularly monitor the issues from interferences caused by entities whose activity falls under the scope of the two institutions, as well as interferences reported by the regulatory authorities of neighboring countries;
  • create a unified frequency inventory pursuant to the legal obligations imposed on both institutions as regards the “Approval of the multiannual program for spectral policy and action plan”, as well as the relevant sub-legal acts thereto.

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