e- Conformity

e- Conformity

DCM no. 378 dated 5.6.2019 “On the approval of the Technical Rule for radio equipment, mutual recognition of their conformity assessment and determination of the list of harmonized standards”, can be found here

AKEP’s regulation for the implementation of the technical rule for radio equipment, can be found here

Notification for radio equipment registration, can be sent online at AKEP by clicking here:

Register of radio equipment registered at AKEP, can be found here:

Subclasses and Radio interfaces can be found at this link:  https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/26843 and here at EFIS: https://www.efis.dk/documents/51353

List of harmonized standards, approved by DCM no. 378, can be found here

Declaration of Conformity text can be found at this link: https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/9781/attachments/1/translations

Or here in pdf.