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AEK – AKEP: Memorandum of Understanding is Signed

The Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) and the Electronic Communications Authority of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (AEK) signed a Memorandum of Understanding and the Technical Cross-Border Agreement for Frequency Harmonization on Friday, 21 October 2022 in Skopje.

These two agreements are the fruition of the work and efforts that started more than one year ago, on the occasion of the visit by the neighboring country Regulatory Authority to Tirana in July 2021, and will replace the previous agreements between the two authorities.

The AKEP delegation included Chairperson Mr. Tomi Frashëri, Member of the Steering Council, Mr. Lorenc Bako, Cabinet Director, Ms. Eriola Mosko, Adviser Mr. Armer Juka, and Monitoring, Audit and Inspections Directorate Director, Mr. Vasil Mitezi, and was accompanied by His Excellency Mr. Fatos Reka, Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to Northern Macedonia.

During the working meeting, the parties valued the close relations between the two authorities which extend beyond the leadership level to all other levels and which has been instrumental in achieving common goals, such as the RLAH agreement to remove roaming tariffs among Western Balkan countries, and including the objective to lower and adapt roaming tariffs between the Western Balkans and European Union countries in the agenda. Institutional leaders agreed on the need for continuous frequency coordination in border areas, to enable effective use of and equal access to the frequency spectrum.

Both Authorities committed to focusing their cooperation on the digital connectivity and interconnectivity priorities, especially as regards the implementation of the fifth generation (5G) mobile technologies for electronic communication networks in the near future.

AKEP Chairperson Mr. Frashëri noted the importance of the AKEP-AEK partnership as a driver of harmonization and integration processes in the field of electronic communications in the Western Balkans region.