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Meeting of AKEP Chair Mr. Tomi Frashëri with Mr. Jaroslaw Ponder, Head of the Office for Europe of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

AKEP Chair Mr. Tomi Frashëri met on Friday, 19 April 2024, a bilateral meeting with Mr. Jaroslaw Ponder, the Head of the Office for Europe of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The meeting served as an opportunity for the reconfirmation of ITU’s commitment towards Albania and the support provided by the United Nations Agency to achieve electronic communications and digitalization ambitions in the country. Mr. Frashëri expressed his gratitude to Mr. Ponder, who is an old friend of our country, and who has in the past supported both the regulatory authority and other state institutions.

This bilateral meeting, which was also attended by Mr. Elind Sulmina, Project Officer at ITU Europe, Mr. Amer Juka, member of the Steering Committee, Ms. Eriola Mosko, Cabinet Director, Mr. Vasil Mitezi, Monitoring and Inspection Director, and Mr. Bledar Kazia, Technical Director, was organized in the wake of the Bilateral meeting of Budva organized on 28 September 2023 with Mr. Cosmas Zavazava, Director of the Telecommunication Development Office at ITU.

A following technical level working meeting reviewed the progress towards developing terms of reference for the new broadband mapping system and defining ITU support and assistance next steps in relation to the regulator institutional reform and the frequency monitoring administration system.